BHS Brushless Motors Target Sensitive Dental Apps   -  Feb 18, 2015 Click here for More News

According to Micromo, its compact Series 2057 BHS brushless linear motors are fast and resistant to vibrations and overheating. The motors will be used to power small hand-pieces for sensitive applications such as dentistry and surgery. Speeds up to 40,000 rpm can be controlled by the user, and the motors will withstand intermittent overload for short-term dynamic applications. Preloaded ball bearings allow for maximum 22 N radial loading and 75 N axial loading. Replacement of the front bearing extends the service life of the motor. Standard motors employ digital Hall sensors for commutation; optionally, analog hall sensors can be used for slow speed operation. To complete the drive system, gearheads, magnetic and optical encoders, and drive electronics are available.