We have been witnessing consistent growth and this will sustain as there is still tremendous opportunity for these products in the country. Santosh Rao, Managing Director, Palfinger Cranes India Pvt Ltd, shares his thoughts on the industry. What are the key advantages of using articulate boom cranes for material handling? Loader cranes safely loads and unloads trucks while also transporting loads. The truck and crane combination negates the use of having two cranes at loading and unloading points. In the case of a knuckle boom crane, the crane folds compactly while not in use and unfolds while required to self-load or unload the truck or load or unload other trucks. Loads can hence be handled very safely as the machine uses outriggers for stability while the crane is in operation. Possibility of fitting a host of additional attachments on these cranes (knuckle boom cranes) like clam shell buckets, workman baskets, augers, brick grabs, pole handlers, tyre handlers etc, further enhances their utility and versatility. What are the various configurations and applications of such cranes? Could you share some examples? Palfinger offers stiff boom and knuckle boom cranes of various configurations depending on the application. The configurations could mean additional booms, top seat control, radio remote control, fly jibs for extra reach, hydraulic system provision for attachment fitment among others. Configurations are offered basis extensive application study. While the knuckle boom cranes are given for a specific applications then there is a possibility of fitting various attachments. For instance, a brick grab would be offered to handle concrete bricks and clay bricks. Workman baskets would be offered for accessing heights, tyre handlers would be offered for changing tyres of heavy trucks, augers would be offered for drilling holes say for electric pole erection, pole handlers could be offered for handling poles of various dimensions. There are possibilities to offer many such application-specific attachments. We also have our EPSILON range of timber and recycling cranes used extensively in all leading paper industries and scrap handlers in the country. These loader cranes have a special construction and configuration for heavy duty operations. Equipment India Magazine